Historic Town Hall

COME VISIT US!!! The Hudson Fire Department Association and Destination Hudson are proud to be the groups re-purposing and using Hudson’s Historic Town Hall.  These non-profits run a museum (Hudson Fire Museum and Historical Education Society) and visitors center (Destination Hudson Visitor and Education Center) on the main floor of the building, leaving the second floor for existing public meeting use.

Town Hall has been and will remain central to the community.  This Italianate building, located at 27 East Main, was built in 1879 with an addition in 1896 for the fire department. The structure has been home to City offices, police, and fire. Hudson Players made their home there for a while, as did other civic groups.  Many, many public meetings have been held there, underscoring the town belief in an active citizenry.

The first floor interior has been rearranged.  Included are more restroom facilities in front.  Destination Hudson’s Visitor Center and shop take the middle third of the building, along with the Chamber of Commerce.  The Fire Department museum is in the back, in the 1896 addition.  These uses are handicap accessible and provide additional convenience to some of the events on our main Green. We hope to see you in this new, central location!


lookbuttonClick here for Hub Times coverage of our preview party (includes video)





330.906.0642 | DestinationHudsonOhio@gmail.com | Copyright © 2013 Destination Hudson Many of the photographs found on this site were submitted as part of the PictureHudson project, which resulted in the full-color Hudson coffee table book. This is available at The Hudson Visitor Center and The Learned Owl Book Shop, with all proceeds going to Hudson charities, via Hudson Community Foundation.

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